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Early Voting: October 10 - 17 (except Sunday)



There is nothing more essential to Louisiana’s culture than family and community. Our love of our great state and commitment to its bright future compel us to treasure the obligations of citizenship. As the chief elections officer, the Louisiana Secretary of State has the vital role of ensuring that the richness of our culture is reflected in the quality of our democracy. Every voice matters. Fairness, accountability and access matter. As Secretary of State I will administer a transparent and non-partisan elections system. The Secretary of State also supports business growth and entrepreneurship. I know first-hand that efficiency and service are the cornerstones of the business-government relationship. Good government is good for business. I will work to build a system that is business-friendly and responsive to the dynamic needs of a global economy. Finally, the Secretary of State oversees our state museums. Our unique and storied history must be curated for future generations to enjoy, and I will work to build a museum system we can all be proud of. As the next Louisiana Secretary of State I will protect our democracy, grow our economy and preserve our heritage. Together we can build a better Louisiana. I hope you will join me.



Early in life Chris learned the value of integrity and hard work from his parents, the late Judge Ralph Tyson and his mom, Patricia. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, he is a graduate of University High, Howard University, the Harvard Kennedy School and Georgetown Law. His educational experiences ultimately led him home to serve the state he loves. Chris worked for Senator Mary Landrieu in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, assisting with legislation and giving voice to Louisianans facing impossible odds. His service continued through community involvement in Baton Rouge. As a youth mentor and prison educator, Chris has helped others appreciate the obligations of responsible citizenship. As chairman of Baton Rouge’s Capital Area Transit System, he advocated for hardworking families who rely on mass transit. Chris has also worked to strengthen Louisiana’s economy. His experiences as a real estate lawyer and small business owner have taught him that good government is essential for business growth. He is currently teaching aspiring lawyers as the Newman Trowbridge Distinguished Associate Professor of Law at the LSU Law Center. The oldest of four children, Chris knows the importance of family. He is married to Dr. Gia Landry Tyson, a New Orleans native. They reside in Baton Rouge with their daughter, Camille Marie and twin sons Jordan and Landry.