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Early Voting: October 10 - 17 (except Sunday)



I'm running for Louisiana Secretary of State because I'm ready to build a better Louisiana. The Secretary of State occupies a vitally important office that sits at the intersection of Louisiana's democracy, economy and culture. I'm committed to ensuring fair and safe elections, bringing good jobs to Louisiana and to protecting our state's unique cultural treasures.

As a former small business owner, I know first hand how difficult it is to start and grow a company. The business government relationship begins in the Secretary of State's office. I will work to ensure that businesses have a partner in government focused on customer service, efficiency and being responsive to the unique needs of our state's businesses. Working together we can bring good companies with better jobs to Louisiana.

The Louisiana Secretary of State manages fifteen of our state museums and our archives. I will work to bring innovative and efficient approaches to modernizing our archives and expand the availability of our state museums. Protecting our state's cultural treasures for future generations to enjoy must be a priority for the next Secretary of State. I will work to restore access and sound management to these important functions.

Instead of celebrating that culture, Tom Schedler has cut off public access to these items by cutting hours and service programs. Instead, Schedler is spending millions on unnecessary partisan fights that do nothing but move our state backwards. As our next Secretary of State I will put an immediate end to that waste and make sure Louisiana taxpayers and all of our out of state guests have full access to the unique historical items and cultural exhibits our great state has to offer.

As the state's Chief Elections Officer, the Louisiana Secretary of State is the protector of safe and fair elections in Louisiana. The right to vote is a sacred one. Fairness, accountability and access are not political buzzwords; they are the very foundations of our democracy and must guide how we approach every citizen's opportunity to participate in our democracy. I will fight hard every single day to make sure every eligible Louisianian has a safe and fair voting experience.

Bobby Jindal and Secretary Tom Schedler have put our democracy, economy and culture at risk. Tom Schedler has been sued for failing to comply with national voting laws. Instead of simply fixing the problems, Schedler chose to fight the issue in federal court. Over the past two years he has spent over $1.3 million on this unnecessary litigation, making him the only Secretary of State in the nation to choose such a course. This epic fiscal irresponsibility is the reason why, under his leadership, we do not have updated voting equipment, streamlined processes for business registration and why our state museums are open only one day a week. Like Bobby Jindal, Tom Schedler has put fighting petty partisan battles ahead of our future.

Its time to build a better Louisiana. I hope you will join me.

I will work hard to earn your support, your prayers, and your vote for Secretary of State on Saturday, October 24.



I'm a proud Louisianian born and raised in Baton Rouge. My amazing wife, Gia, and I are blessed to be raising our three young children here. My parents, the late Judge Ralph E. Tyson and Patricia, taught me the value of hard work and education. Because of them I graduated from Howard University, the Harvard Kennedy School and Georgetown Law. I'm now an LSU law professor.

I've been a small business owner and learned firsthand how difficult it is to make payroll week in and week out. Because of my experience starting and running a company I became very passionate about making Louisiana a pro-business environment that every good company in America would love to call home. I also had the opportunity to work for the people of Louisiana in Senator Mary Landrieu’s office, a position I began the day after Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana and the gulf coast. I've been a prison educator and for more than 20 years I've been a youth mentor. I belong to Star Hill Church where my family worships under the direction of Pastor Raymond Jetson.

I believe together we can build a better Louisiana. My educational, work and personal experiences make me uniquely qualified to serve as our next Secretary of State.